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Bali Vihar, Model Colony, Rudrapur

Kindergarten Programme Classes

Pre-primary education is designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school type environment that is to provide a bridge between home and a school based atmosphere. At Pink Petal School we believe that pre-school education is all about stimulating the learner’s sense and to ensure progress of brain development. The school provides a complete course of study through active learning. The medium of instruction is English and great emphasis is given to develop fluency and accuracy in the language by encouraging children to express them freely and confidently.

The system is designed to create a comfortable, cheerful and encouraging environment. A step-by-step structured curriculum is followed which builds a strong foundation to enable the child to handle the future detailed courses without burdening the child. Through various group and individual class activities, each child is given ample opportunity to enhance personality traits, to add dimension to learning, to boost up reasoning power and stimulate logical thinking ability. While good manners and etiquettes are emphasised upon. Respect for elders and love for peers is inculcated in the children.

Promote Active Learning Through Play

Play is very significant part of what life means to children at this stage of their development. The role of play is not limited to make children happy and excited, only thus great emphasis is given to promote learning through Play. Play way method is a means of subjective & emotional development of the child that is development in terms of intellect, skills & emotional well being. It encourages creative skills & self-expression. Our pay based curriculum includes activities such as sand & water play, art, stories, role play, songs; small world play etc help children to develop their social & emotional, physical, cognitive, communication & language skills.

Circle Time- Circle time is a great way for preschoolers to get a sense of community with other kids of their age & attention span. We believe that starting with circle time helps to introduce the topics & plans of the day.

Benefits of Preschool Circle Time
  • Establish community among kids
  • Enhance to fulfil the curiosity
  • Involvement & engagement of Kids
  • Improve attention span, speaking and listening skills
  • Learning with fun activity

Play Station at School

The process of learning is made easy & interesting by creating play station through teaching aids like blocks, puzzles, toys for kids. It helps to develop their fine motor skills & engage them to enhance their creativity.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning is a student centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic class room approach in which, it is believed that students acquires a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real world challenges and problems.

It encourages child to share his/her experiences confidently. It also contains tasks to do the concepts and skills of children develop. A lot more happens in the classroom like playing and learning with multiple materials, using pictures & games on the interactive board, conversation & peer learning. Children work on developing their observation, speaking, listening & writing skills.

In short, children get clarity about themselves i.e, learn about their significance and their connections with real world.

PBL makes the learning come alive for children.

Various Creative Activities are designed with the aim of learning with fun. Through teaching aids like blocks, abacus, puzzles, toys etc., the process of learning is made easy and interesting. The children are introduced to thematic poems, rhymes, songs and special emphasis is given to recitation and story - telling. Music and Dance activities are an integral part of the curriculum. The children are exposed to a plethora of creative activities which include painting, colouring, drawing, printing, paper folding, tearing, pasting, collage making and clay modelling. These creative activities are conducted by well-qualified teachers who specialize in their respective fields.

Sports Activities are designed to enable a child to be physically fit and to develop all the motor movements of the body. These include in-door and out-door games bundled with simple exercises, drills, fun races, football etc. complying with the child's interest. The pre-primary wing has a well equipped toy room where children have access to innumerable indoor games, puzzles, blocks and toys.

Cultural Activities are framed with the aim to educate with entertainment - to build stage confidence and inculcate social values. Children are encouraged to speak and to perform on the stage. Inter-class competitions are held to instil a feeling of confidence and to discover and provide exposure to these budding talents. Fancy dress, art, writing, action-songs, elocution, singing, dance, games, collage making and clay modelling competitions are events in which children are encouraged to participate with whole hearted enthusiasm. The parents of the participants are invited to witness their wards perform in these competitions held every week. This regular interaction enables and encourages the parents to be more actively involved in their child's progress.

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